Thursday, February 19, 2009

Married: Katrina & Jesse at St. Albans

A while back, I had the pleasure of shooting with Alisha again...but this time we were at St. Albans...for a wedding of a friend of Alisha's, Katrina. The wedding was simply amazing. Beautiful day, beautiful bride, beautiful location. I was pretty impressed. Her colors were hot pink and lime green. I loved the colors! I loved the location...which was The Studio Inn at St. Albans. Nice!

Katrina had great shoes! I love this trend of a bright shoe for the bride. I've even seen the more adventureous brides having their girls all wearing different color shoes when the dresses are all the same color...for instance, black...but non-matching, then adding a pop of color with the shoes. Love the idea!

Don't you just love their expressions?

So sweet!

Here are Jesse and his guys just chillin' in the "man cave" as they said....and enjoying themselves while waiting for the party to get started.

Thanks to Alisha for having me along!

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