Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winner is . . .

As you know, I was in a bridal show recently (which I'm going to claim as a fun, successful show).

I had chocolate (dark chocolate Ghirardelli chocolates...expresso mint, twilight delight and straight 72% dark chocolate, by the way) at my booth and I couldn't talk enough people into taking some home with them. So now I'm cursed with a ton of chocolate in my house...oooh such a curse. I am for sure going to BE a ton, cause you know I can't resist dark chocolate.

For my show give-away, I was offering a 16x20 Canvas Print (and the photo session to go along with that of course). And the winner of that drawing IS.....drumroll please.... LISETTE RAMOS. Please contact me Lisette, so we can arrange for you to get your prize (if you haven't already gotten my other messages).

Monday, January 26, 2009

A First . . .

This past Sunday, I had a first.

I did my first bridal show EVER. It was Bridal Connections at Windows Off Washington and was organized by St. Louis Bride Magazine. I was pretty nervous. I hadn't really planned to do it and so had only a couple of weeks to put my display together.

You have to be an advertiser in the magazine in order to be able to do the show. I've never done print advertising before and so I decided that I would give it a try and see what the results were for me. I know that a lot of photographers are very successful without the need what-so-ever of print advertising and depend solely on referrals and word-of-mouth. Eventually, I will get to that point (fingers crossed).

Going into the show, my biggest goal was to book some weddings (of course) but also I wanted to meet the other vendors and get to know people better. On both counts, I believe I would call the show a success for me.

I met some lovely brides and their helpers...you know, moms, bridesmaids, sisters, and fiance's (otherwise known as "goody bag carriers"). I was excited to talk to the brides getting married this spring, summer and fall as well as to the bride that's getting married in St. Thomas...hint, hint ;) ... I am totally available for your destination wedding... really, really. I even talked to a bride who was getting pre-planning ideas for her 2011 wedding.. wow, isn't she thinking ahead?

I was able to meet some of my Facebook Friends and put a face with a name, so that was cool. And I even made a couple of new Facebook Friends...even cooler!

So I think I can say that this First . . . my First Bridal Show . . was a success. Thank you to all the wonderful people I met ... brides AND vendors.

P.S: I like to have images in most of my blog posts but I don't have one for this post. I know it's a shame. I was all flustered for part of the show and forgot...can you believe this...I actually forgot... I can't believe this of me... I actually FORGOT to take a picture of my booth. I think I was too busy talking. Now I won't have anything to remember my show...my fun, successful, show. I'm very sad :(

If we met at the show and you are reading this post, leave me a comment...and we can send each other a high five for being cool enough to go to the show.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My addiction

I am a sucker for a great pair of shoes.

I can't help it.

I can't walk by a store and not check out the latest styles of shoes. A good sale or an awesome deal....whoa...hold me back. Tell me I already have 10 pairs of black shoes in every conceivable height and style. Tell me I always wear the same comfortable pair of Privo's. Tell me I don't NEED them.

It won't matter...I'll still long for them and eventually talk myself into getting them.

Here's an example of one of my favorite pair of shoes. I had the opportunity to wear them recently...I don't wear shoes this high very often. Usually the words "fabulous shoes" and "comfort" don't appear in the same sentence...but oh my it was nice to feel tall (I'm a tad vertically challenged).

So that's my confession. I'm addicted to pretty shoes.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Cherie and David

A while back I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with this lovely couple below... Cherie and David...on their anniversary, no less. Also, Cherie wanted a few updated images for her business, CIPhotoBooth.

I was so flattered (and very, very pleased) that she asked me to do this for her since she's a photographer too. We photographer's tend to be quite particular when it comes to having our own pictures taken by someone else. I was sort of nervous because of that very reason ...but had a great time instead.

I love when couples can just act natural....but sometimes they need a little help.

Here, Cherie tickled David silly. I think they were so cute together.

And some seriousness, too.

I love how her pink just pops ... this is her signature color. Isn't it great?

Thanks for such a fun afternoon with you guys, Cherie!!!