Monday, July 14, 2008

Double Rainbows

So the other day, the weather was kind of crazy. One minute it was raining like buckets and the wind was gushing and I was for sure that we were going to have a tornado (we are in a tornado prone area) . . . and the next minute the sun was shining.
You know what happens when the sun comes out while the rain is still pouring right?....of course, rainbows. These are the ones looking out from my front door...

I don't recall having seen a more beautiful double rainbow before. And here is the same rainbow looking from the back deck of my house.

It was just amazing. Don't you love rainbows? I heard there was a traffic jam on the highway by our house from all the people just stopping or slowing down to stare at the rainbows. Something as beautful as that had to be shared.


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credditt said...

One rainbow is always a beauty to see...but two, WOW! The camera captures the image, but it's the photographer who aims the camera to take the picture at the right moment, distance, and angle. Thanks for sharing.