Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kids say the funniest things

The next time it rains, visualize that the clouds are peeing on us. Yep, that's what I said, the clouds are peeing on us. This according to my 8 yr. old son, Ethan.

We were driving home from swim lessons and he asks me if I know where rain comes from. I have no idea why that thought popped into his head since the sun was shining and the sky was a lovely blue. Here's how the conversation went.

He asks me, "Do you know where rain comes from?"

I say, "Yes, I do. Do you?"

He says, "Yes, some of the rain from the swimming pools evaporate into the sky"

I say, "Right, the moisture from the trees, grass, rivers, creeks .....

"...and oceans!" Ethan pipes in.

"...right, and oceans, evaporate into the air and accumulate in the clouds."

He jumps in and says, "Yeah, and when the clouds get thirsty they push a button and get a drink from the air... and then, when they have enough to drink, they need to go p..."

Before he could finish his sentence, I started to laugh so much that tears were rolling down my face....driving no less, (so a little hazardous there).

What is it with little boys and bodily functions? Ethan gets the biggest kick out of farting and burping and peeing...and I don't think little boys grow out of the fascination and the idea that it's humorous. What is a mother to do?

Hope you readers out there found it as funny as I did the thought processes of a boy.


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