Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Christa & Joe: Engagement / Bridal Session

Trying to catch up with the back log created by my computer issues earlier. I think I'm starting to catch up so bear with me as I get everything going again.
Here's something I wanted to share earlier...About a week or so ago I participated in a really awesome and fun photoshoot for a fellow photographer, Christa of Studio 7, who was recently engaged. Christa and Joe were great subjects...as a photographer she really knew how to work her stuff! What a cute couple too. We shot all over Downtown St. Louis starting at the Hyatt. They even opened up locked areas of the hotel just for us to shoot in. How awesome is that? We then wandered around to Lacledes Landing and nearby to find the coolest places to shoot. So much fun. I want to do it again...and soon.
Thanks to Michelle Ross of Under Grace, for putting it together! I think we had a Ladies Night theme going or something that night because it was only Michelle, Brandi Brown, Megan Thiele, Beth Berry and me out shooting Christa and Joe. Oh yeah, we had a great time!

Here are some of my favs:
We drove by this crazy colorful wall and just had to turn around and go back and take a picture...it was just too cool. I love how bright and colorful this wall is.
She's really working the look. Very Nice!

Oh yeah! Nice shoes. I'm such a sucker for great shoes.

Still lovin' the shoes.

~ Von

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