Monday, September 29, 2008

More Favorites: Caleb & Max

Blogging can be hard least for me. But with photo shoots of little guys like Caleb & Max, it's not hard to just look at some words necessary.

Caleb is an awesome big brother. He is at that age where his vocabulary is almost like having a conversation with an adult. He told me all about how cool it was to ride his bike. He also pointed out to me the boat he saw out in the canal...a very interesting yellow banana shaped boat, and the man in the boat even waved and said hello to us. How entertaining is that? His excitement was just darling! Very animated facial expressions!

Max is so cute you just want to kiss him all over his chubby cheeks. Babies just have that incredible softness you want to cuddle. Max is trying so hard to walk and sometimes his legs just go every which'll get there soon Max, keep on trying.

So, here's a slideshow of a few of my favorites:

I love doing photo shoots of kids and families.

My kids tend to zone me out since they are so used to me with a camera up to their let me take pictures of yours. The toddler stage can be so entertaining ...the key is to relate to them on their level. As they get older, more creativity is required to get them to relate to you...still pretty entertaining though.

So leave a comment, and let me know what you think...which one is YOUR favorite image. What do YOU do or say to get cooperation from the kids?


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