Monday, January 5, 2009

Cherie and David

A while back I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with this lovely couple below... Cherie and David...on their anniversary, no less. Also, Cherie wanted a few updated images for her business, CIPhotoBooth.

I was so flattered (and very, very pleased) that she asked me to do this for her since she's a photographer too. We photographer's tend to be quite particular when it comes to having our own pictures taken by someone else. I was sort of nervous because of that very reason ...but had a great time instead.

I love when couples can just act natural....but sometimes they need a little help.

Here, Cherie tickled David silly. I think they were so cute together.

And some seriousness, too.

I love how her pink just pops ... this is her signature color. Isn't it great?

Thanks for such a fun afternoon with you guys, Cherie!!!

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Cherie said...

Von, these look great...even Sophie looks cute, I just wish that I my three chins weren't in the background of that shot. I had not planned on sharing that one with anyone, as I look like I just put a whole bunch of marshmallows in my mouth right before you closed the shutter. I guess I must have ate a bunch of sodium laden food the day before that caused my face to swell up...who knows