Thursday, March 5, 2009

How they have grown

The other day I was working on a personal project and came across a picture of my son and daughter, Ethan and Olivia, from 4 years ago. It got me to thinking about how much they've changed and how quickly time passes.

Sometimes when we are just going from day-to-day in life we don't seem to notice the changes so much.
Here's the picture.

Ethan was 5 years and Olivia was 3 years.

Here they are in 2006.

Then, 2007.


To my darling babies, my wish is that you not grow up too fast.

All you parents out there, take some time and reminisce with your little ones. They love hearing stories about themselves. Try writing some of those stories down. As time passes, you may forget. Even the little things that make you laugh about them are important. Look over your pictures of them and help them to cherish those memories. And, every once in a while have your family's pictures taken by a photographer that's going to capture your family's essence...not just a simple, "This is us in 2009". Whether you choose me to take those pictures or not, is not as important as makeing sure you have something. And if you're anything like me, I'm hardly ever in any pictures since I'm usually taking the if you're the picture taker in the family, even more important to have actual portraits taken.

Cherish and enjoy your babies ... for they won't be your babies for long.



Cherie said...

Oh Von! They look so sweet as little ones, but they are growing up to be so beautiful! That shot of Olivia with the parasol is just gorgeous. Ethan's going to be a heartbreaker, too! You are going to have to get used to screening his phone calls because girls will be calling him before you know it.

Stephanie... or Stevie. said...

Great post Von! Your bebe's are lovely and it will be wonderful for them to know that you take the time to remember things like this for them.

Beth Berry said...

I agree about the parasol shot! It's beautiful!