Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Married: Nate & Suzanne

This past wedding season, I had the most amazing time with the fabulous and talented Brandi Brown who invited me to join her in documenting the day for Nate & Suzanne.

Nate & Suzanne were married in Greece and were having a reception here with friends and family. The reception was held at this really cool venue, The Mad Art Gallery, which was an old police station that was renovated.

I think this couple were my favorite of the season.
They were just so photogenic!

It was a beautiful, slightly cool day. There was a bit of crispness in the air.

It sprinkled on us for parts of the day so Brandi had the couple use her lighting umbrella as a rain umbrella to help protect the brides beautiful dress.

I so LOVE her dress!

In between shots, Nate was trying to keep Suzanne warm...poor thing started getting goosebumps from the chilly weather.

Mr. Debonaire himself. Don't you think?

My all time favorite shot from the season here below.

Thank you so much Brandi for inviting me to join you for a super fun day.

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