Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wendy - Class of '09 - Part 2

Wendy and I were Downtown around Lacledes Landing for her senior session.

We were running out of daylight but the weather was sooo nice.

So, we decided to walk around a little bit and see what fun we could have just hanging out for a bit longer.

I'm so glad we did because we finished her session with some pretty fun night shots.

So serene.

We got into a little bit of trouble too.... see, we were taking this shot (here below)

and then, we were trying to get another shot at the same location but a restaurant employee came out and ran us off. Umph! He said we weren't allowed to take any pictures on their property... and our sweet, innocent, imploring faces couldn't convince him to let us get just one more picture. That meanie! So we just ....

walked away...

And rocked out and got even more awesome shots at some cooler spots.... like here

Wendy, hope you've had a great year and best wishes to you as you start Mizzou!

Working on the slideshow next.

Stay tuned for one more set of pics and the grand finale, the slideshow.

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