Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Favorites: Gwen & Jason

Gwen and Jason have known each other a long time. They were friends hanging out and talking and teasing each other long before they realized they were in love. How great is that! It was a whirlwind courtship, too. He flew in from Arizona, where he calls home, and proposed at the beginning of July and by the end of July they said, "Let's get married NOW, why wait?" Quick and simple...some say that's the best, no stressing over every little detail.

Congratulations Gwen & Jason!

Here's a slideshow of the rest of their lovely wedding.

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Elizabeth said...

Great photos, Von! My husband, Dan, knows your husband through work. (We're the ones who have gone to Braco too!) I got an email forwarded through them, and wanted to check out your blog and your website. I recently started blogging too, and love comments from people.
You have a wonderful talent, and your photos are so perfectly framed and the colors are amazing. It seems you capture your subjects' personalities very well! I also love how you blog a bit about each couple and their personalities and relationships.
Keep up the great work!