Monday, August 25, 2008

OH computer is dead!!!

I've had the roughest day possible following one of the best weekends possible.

This past weekend I had the most AMAZING experience. My first destination wedding!!! Alisha invited me to New York to shoot a wedding with her on a private estate in the Adirondacks. I was so excited. It was quite an affair. The property was extensive...we needed a golf cart to transport us from one point to another. The chapel was on a private island in the middle of the we had to be shuttled out to the island in small groups. The bride and groom rode off after the wedding in a vintage looking speed cool is that???

There are pictures of all of this, I promise, I just can't show you any right now.....because (so here's the part about my rough day) my computer is dead. It won't power on at all. I spent HOURS with Technical Support to try and get the problem solved. They had me practically take the computer apart and rebuild it...I felt like I was doing surgery. Very frustrating when I'm dying to get my pictures off my memory cards and start editing all the images I took.

All I have access to right now is my old slow-poke of a laptop. I think I've restarted my computer 3 times every hour that I've used my laptop today. I know, it's time for an upgrade...but that's what the desktop upgrade for something newer and faster. And now it's dead, after only a few months of service. I'll be OK in a few days, Tech Support is going to send out someone to fix it for me but a few days is an awfully loooooong time to wait. What am I going to do with myself? Hmmmm, I guess I'll go shoot some more. I'm sure I can find something to take pictures of.

Stay tuned for pictures of my first destination wedding (whenever my computer gets resurrected that is). I can't wait to tell everyone all about it.


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Beth Berry said...

Ha! The same thing happened to me last week right after Crista's photo shoot. I had to return my brand new computer to it's original condition! Hope you get up and running soon!