Monday, November 10, 2008

B....."It looks like a butt"

So I had to share an amusing story about the conversation I had in the car with my daughter, Liv and my son, Ethan.

Liv is in second grade and struggles a bit with her reading and writing so we're always doing spelling games and practicing our handwriting. She had just gotten a cool new notebook at the store this day and was writing a personal story or such in this notebook.

She asks me how I write a "B"...which is hard to do when you're driving you know....that's something you have to demonstrate versus giving verbal directions. She says she "draws" a 3 and then makes a straight line from the top to the bottom. Pretty good description I thought...better than what I would have said.

Her brother pipes up and says, "Yeah, or what I do is draw a know sideways...and then make a straight line. That's how you draw a B."

"A butt?!?! Really? a butt?! Ethan"

Yep...that would be a typical Ethan thought process...such a boy.


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