Friday, November 14, 2008

Liz & Mark at Villa Marie Winery, Part 2

Part 2....

Liz and Mark had a very loving and quite emotional day. They incorporated some Hawaiian touches into their day (as you can see with the special lei around the grooms neck) since Hawaii is were they met and fell in love. They were both students at the university there. How cool is that? attend school in Hawaii? Their officiant and many of their friends flew to Illinois just to celebrate this day with them. They are well-loved, that's for sure.

Liz was blessed (literally) during the prayer offered by her friends and family. It was very heartfelt and many tears of joy were shed.

But it wasn't all about emotion...

I have no clue what the guys are doing here in this picture below, but I turned around and found them hopping on one leg in a circle and had to be really quick to get this shot.

This particular group tended to be very camera shy if they saw me pointing my camera in their direction. Which was a little unusual because most times it's the guys that are totally non-challant and act totally cool and whatever when I hang around with them to get pictures. I had to be sneaky and quick.

Now, the girls....they decided to have a full blown race.
We were on the other side of the property, by the vineyard with the bride and groom busily taking portraits. We needed all the bridesmaids and groomsmen to gather so we could get group photos. They decided to see who was the fastest runner down this slope to get to the other side where we were waiting. I'm telling you...this was not a jog they were doing, this was a full blown sprint go-as-fast-as-you-can type of dresses. What a crazy (fun) group!

The boys, of course, couldn't be outdone, so after the group photos were done and we were heading back inside for the reception, they decided to have this hand walking contest. What an energetic, athletic wedding party don't you think?

So next will be the pretty pictures in Part 3.


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