Saturday, November 15, 2008

Liz & Mark at Villa Marie Winery, Part 3

Part 3 of 3 . . .

Now for the pretty pictures.

This little one was such a doll! No prompting necessary at all for this picture. All I did was call her name and this was what I got.

I love all of the limey green of all the vines.

And of course, a little bit of silliness for this fun bunch.

I had a super fun time with Liz (the photographer) and Liz (the Bride) too.

Oh, and a funny story about the trials and tribulations of a photographer. Liz and I thought it would make a cool picture if we could have the bride and groom in this field of wildflowers we saw across the street. The bride and groom were willing so we trooped on over. When we got up close, the grass and everything was actually pretty tall and the bride was a little leery of getting in there so I was sent in to kind of mash down an area for her to stand in. I went charging in to make a path and come back out up to my chest in green sticky burrs...which was really bad because I was in all black. Liz got some on her too... see them on her pants here below.
We ended up not getting that picture and many of the guests got a good laugh on me as the walking sticky burr magnet (they were like velcroed on me). Good times.



Beth Berry said...

The flower girl pic is perfect!

Von DeVore said...

Thanks Beth! I always love the kid shots.