Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another busy weekend...

Last weekend, I also got to hang out and shoot a beautiful wedding with the wonderful Stephanie of Stevie Photography. We had a great time at Mandy and Mike's wedding. Here's a quick look...

Stephanie at work...

Photographers contort themselves into all sorts of positions for the sake of a good picture, that's for sure!

I've been known to lay on the ground (on my stomach) and cause passing vehicles to get so distracted they popped a flat tire running over a curb. Seriously...not kidding.

I didn't think my backend looked that good...or maybe it was too wide and that's what caused the accident...hmmm, better start working out properly if that's the case. Either that or do what Stephanie here is doing and lay on my back and hope that my abs can hold me in that position long enough to get the shot. Stephanie is obviously in better shape.
Thanks Stephanie for letting me shoot with you again.
Sometime soon, I'll post more from this fun day.

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