Friday, October 10, 2008

My best imitation of Martha Stewart. . .

I'm so proud of myself. I did a Martha Stewart-ish type thing over the last few weeks. I made over my Consultation area and I did it all for under $200. I think it would qualify for an episode of "Design Remix" on HGTV ....that's the show about doing over a room for next to nothing by the judicious use of paint and repurposing of other items found around the house. The only thing I bought was a little bit of paint and some gallery shelves. Thats it.

Everything has been freshly painted. A beautiful blue on the accent wall with random blocks of color in subtle shades of the same blue paired with a simple dark cream on the remaining walls...perfect for showcasing all the lovely brides and families I've had the pleasure of working with.

Thanks to my mom for coming out to help me paint (for two days...that blue wall was time-consuming for sure). My husband saw all my handiwork and declared I was in Martha Stewart mode...I guess that's a compliment.

I even got to use my new made over area right away. I had a client consultation on Sunday and they were pretty impressed with my wall. I was walking tall...well, as tall as a 4'11" woman can walk that is...I was so proud of my handiwork. I don't know what made me more proud, the fact that it turned out so well or that I saved money....maybe both.

I'm not exactly done yet...still need to get all my prints and samples on the wall but here's a few pics of what's done so far.

I'm particularly proud of this foyer area with the mirror and chest in this picture below. Didn't buy anything ...just repurposed stuff that was sitting around in the basement ...dabbd a little paint and wah-lah ...perfect for what I need.


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